Your Journey is Unique

To those who enjoy a good book:
I glanced at my husband as we recently unpacked our bags and piled our mushed clothes into wash, hang up, or iron stacks. Our last two month journey had taken us from Greek Islands to Normandy Beaches researching World War II locations for a novel. Our motto should be, “Have Bag, Will Travel.” I smiled. I’d always claimed Rod had feathers in his britches, but I have an itchy foot as well.
Journeys intrigue me. Your story is unique for there is only one person like you in all of history. I am eager to hear my readers tell their life experiences, for each has been on a trek with God. Perhaps, they didn’t know God’s fingerprints were in their lives, just as my husband and I didn’t until in our twenties. How fun to look back and see God’s protection, guidance, and love in our lives, even before we knew Him.
Sitting down over a meal with a new acquaintance, I listened as she spun out her tale of God’s ministry in her life. He brought her healing, not just physically, but spiritually as she suffered through disability and bed rest. Knitted together in the body of Christ by Him, and her sharing enabled me to rejoice in God’s provision, bear her up in prayer, and humbly encourage her to write her story to share with others.
One of the joys of writing is hearing from my readers. If a poem, short story, or novel I’ve written has been a catalyst for change I want to know and honor God with you. How did our Lord work in your life to bring healing, closure to a situation, or peace in the midst of a storm?
Each of you have stories of God’s grace. I am blessed when I hear how God is working. Perhaps, wrapping words around God’s handiwork to part of glorifying Him.
May your days be filled with His grace,
Jeanette-Marie Mirich

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